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Longship at Viking Lakes Featured in Sun Thisweek

By Katie Griess, 02/02/23, 4:00PM CST


Longship at Viking Lakes in Eagan is ready to introduce the public to the luxury workspaces available for lease

*Featured piece by Kara Hildreth for Sun Thisweek*

Coworking is a new workplace trend that has taken sail, and Longship at Viking Lakes in Eagan is ready to introduce the public to the luxury workspaces available for lease.

Dom Tapplin, community manager at Longship at Viking Lakes, is ready to give tours of luxury coworking spaces located on the second floor in Suite 210 at 2685 Vikings Circle on the Viking Lakes campus in Eagan.

“Our space here offers coworking, and we all have found that workplaces were changing so wildly in 2020, and now with how we view coworking and also our own work environments we really wanted to bring a space like this to Eagan. Before us, there really wasn’t any place like this space if you worked from home or if you had a small business you would have to go to spaces in downtown St. Paul or downtown Minneapolis,” he said.

Tapplin said Longship is proud to offer a new level of suburban coworking inside a collaborative environment that offers top-of-the-line amenities like full access to a fitness center, a pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna along with the latest in workout equipment, weights and classes.

Longship at Viking Lakes is part of the MV Ventures and a Wilf Family-owned company that offers development, construction, management and activation in the best-in-class destinations that transcend generations through a true live, work, play lifestyle that is uniquely Minnesota, according to the marketing materials. The company is a full-service real estate owner, developer, general contractor and property management organization.

“Our space fills such a void for people who want to stay close to home to run their business,” Tapplin said.

This business coworking space is designed with luxury in mind. Modern work spaces, conference rooms and modular desks fill the large space with lots of natural light. The office furniture offers clean lines and luxury furniture, finishes and fixtures completed in a nautical theme. The modern gray carpet resembles a wood tone design with purple brush strokes in homage to the Minnesota Vikings.

“On a luxury scale, this coworking space is the first of its kind that is located south of the river,” Tapplin said.

“We didn’t want to be any work space. We wanted to offer amenities that are really unheard of in coworking on this side of the river, because what we have is 24-hour access so you are not hindered with a certain amount of time."

Longship clients use all the work spaces in the evenings and on weekends, and there is an open kitchen called “The Galley” and a mini market inside the Eagan business space. “We offer a complimentary coffee bar and drinks,” he said.

“Our 24-hour access opens us up to a wider audience, and we can service more small business needs,” Tapplin said.

Clients gain access to Longship work spaces via a smartphone app to make it easy and convenient.

“On top of that, when you do a membership with us, you also get access to a gym, a pool, a hot tub and sauna right across the street in our Clubhouse,” Tapplin said. Members can also receive two free one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer.

The popular board room is outfitted with a large board room table and tall leather chairs, and the room can accommodate 14 employees. There is a massive flat-screen TV to give presentations. Longship also offers a smaller board room space with plenty of light from large windows.

In the center of Longship are lines of open desks that face a bank of windows with lots of natural light and a stunning view of the Vikings Lakes campus.

“Our open desks offer flexibility to come in for a day and have a desk, and you are not stuck to one space, and you can move around,” Tapplin said.

Longship at Viking Lakes offers month-to-month membership for those who wish to try it out or for those traveling clients. The company networks with Desana, a platform for those who travel across the country and world for business and need coworking spaces.

"Coworking is a workplace venue trend that may become more common place", Tapplin said, "due to how many companies have closed offices or employees are able to remote work from home."

“With the pandemic, we have seen a lot of companies shift from having their brick and mortar spaces because the rents are so high in those, and you can actually save a lot of money by moving your business to a coworking space,” Tapplin said.

There is an outdoor patio for alfresco working with an exceptional view of Vikings Lakes, Vikings headquarters and the Minnesota Vikings football practice fields.

“We are right in the middle of the action,” Tapplin said.

Longship members are offered discounted and complimentary tickets to events like Minnesota Vikings training camp.

"Longship has big corporations as clients that choose to office inside like Jim Beam and Cirque du Soleil dance company that is headquartered in the Twin Cities", Tapplin said.

“We are looking for the general public to use the space and perhaps those who are self-employed or do remote work and have a home office,” Tapplin said. “There are so many people who need spaces like ours and didn’t know that something like this existed,” he added.

“We are seeing a shift in how people work and so many people did not come back to work in the office and there may not be a need for large campus work spaces,” Tapplin said.

The pandemic has heightened these work changes, he said, adding “Three years later, work and work places are still shifting.”

Proud to have worked hard to lift Longship at Viking Lakes off the ground, Tapplin calls the coworking space business his baby.

“I have been working to get it started, and I worked to build our strong reputation so that way we are not just the only luxury coworking space, but we are still one of the best within our industry as well,” Tapplin said.

One advantage to leasing space in the Longship is there is no need to haul office supplies back and forth since there is office supplies and a printer that is complimentary to members along with free WiFi and phones if needed.

“We encourage you to bring your laptop and come into our work organization,” he said.

Longship at Viking Lakes recently hosted a ribbon cutting celebration with Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce along with local owners, city officials, community members and local businesses.

“It was nice to get to display our venture here with the city of Eagan,” Tapplin said.

Another opportunity Longship will offer clients is more with social engagement. Clients can network with other business clients if they choose to build community and become part of social events like taco bars and happy hours to give people the time and space to meet others because many have not had that opportunity with remote work, he added.

This week, Longship looks forward to hosting Eagan Community Foundation that allow these members and volunteers to network with other businesses.

For more information about Longship at Viking Lakes, connect on Instagram and Facebook social pages.

“We are offering free trials to see if coworking is for you if you have never tried it before or if you are in the market to shop different work spaces that is a good opportunity to see if Longship is for you,” Tapplin said.

The Longship luxury coworking spaces will be in demand, he said.

“Within the co-working industry this is more rare because you usually see them where they fit only one person, but this one we have seen two person meeting being held in this space,” he said.

The public can rent the conference room space inside Longship at Vikings Lakes without any membership, Tapplin said.

“A lot of people love that we are so close to their home and it takes away that drive, going to downtown Minneapolis for a nice desk space,” Tapplin said.

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